JScript Editor Extensions for Visual Studio

Microsoft have done a really good job by giving developers a great environment to do their work in; namely the Visual Studio suite with all its variants. This IDE’s intellisense is one of its strongest points, but anyone that’s tried to write javascript code has probably felt a bit lost.

Intellisense, brace-highlighting, current variable highlighting, code comments…all gone….until now!

Microsoft Corp has just released JScript Editor Extensions, a Visual Studio extension that enables all of the above, along with code outlines. I admit it’s nothing revolutionary compared to other well-established web-IDE’s, but it’s still great to have extended tooling support within Visual Studio itself.

Here’s a look at what the IDE looks like with bracing support and outlining. Notice the collapsed ‘complete’ and ‘success’ functions

Brace-highlighting, collapsible code



Head over to the Visual Studio Gallery and try out JScript Editor Extensions.


Microsoft PDC ’09 Videos

Some of you might know that Microsoft recently held its yearly Professional Developer Conference (PDC) in LA. They had an awesome lineup of “stars” lined up to talk about the latest microsft technologies, as well as  shedding some light as to the direction in which the technology is progressing.

I wasn’t one of the lucky to be there, but I got to watch the live-stream of the keynotes and some of the Channel 9 live stuff. Also, another GREAT feature is that most (if not all) the talks are available for viewing on the PDC site.

Some of the big stuff that was released were:

So, lots of videos on exciting topics, including stuff on C# 4.0, Windows 7 and more… Check them out.