Get off the hamster wheel!

Get off the hamster wheel!

I stumbled over the awesome “Get Involved” video by Scott Hanselman and Rob Conory the other day.They’ve put together an amazing video about getting started as a developer with an online presence, you should check it out. This blog post isn’t really about the video per se.

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Being Awesome!

Being Awesome!

I’m not interested in being average. I’m out to be exceptional.

I’m not waiting to be picked. I’m actively creating opportunities.

I’m commanding my time so I can own my trajectory and maximize my impact.

  The Outlier Developer Manifesto

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msdnlive oslo; Computer Jedi!

Computer Jedi..

.. is what greeted us when we registered for the MSDNLive event in oslo yesterday (21. October).  With a focus on guiding and inspiring the attendees to unlock their potential, along the lines of Luke and Obi-Wan, the scene was set for the day’s sessions.

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