Interactive jQuery tester

Interactive jQuery tester

I dug this link up the other day, and thought I’d spread the love :)

If you’ve ever had debugging issues with your jQuery selectors. Or would like to experiment a bit then the Interactive jQuery tester is a great solution. You paste your HTML, then type in the selectors. The elements that are actually selected are then highlighted, which gives instant feedback.

Hope you find this as useful as  I have in the past.


msdnlive oslo; Computer Jedi!

Computer Jedi..

.. is what greeted us when we registered for the MSDNLive event in oslo yesterday (21. October).  With a focus on guiding and inspiring the attendees to unlock their potential, along the lines of Luke and Obi-Wan, the scene was set for the day’s sessions.

The show was opened by the Community Marketing Manager in Microsoft Norway; Petri Wilhelmsen and Microsoft Architect Børge Lund. Continue reading “msdnlive oslo; Computer Jedi!”